Think of a child standing outside a school’s music room, looking through the small window in the door, watching all of the other kids inside and wishing they too could participate. If only…   Too many children don’t have the means in their homes to be able to afford even the simplest necessities for participating in their school’s music programs.

One day, all school age children in the Fort Collins Colorado area will have equal access to a quality music education, and the music programs at their schools, or non-profit organizations, will be thriving learning and cultural performance centers. (Video)

Our Mission:

Founded on April 1, 2009, the goal of “The Kayla Foundation” is to provide support to:

Grant funding is made through grants to individual schools, or other non-profits, for the purpose of supporting their students / clients and their particular needs. Examples of funding needs are:

*Note that all software must be approved by the site or school IT Department.




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Our Logo…

The Kayla Foundation logo uses her actual signature as its centerpiece. Her signature was copied from the last birthday card she would ever give to her mom, which was just 2 weeks before her death. Her signature is uplifted in the title line representing how she lifted up the lives of others while she was on earth and how her memory continues to lift spirits today. The heart shown was a heart that Kayla always used when signing her name. This particular one was taken from a CD she had made for her sister.

The Kayla Foundation is a component fund of the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, a 501c3 organization.

The Kayla Foundation Logo

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