Kayla was a talented, beautiful and caring young lady who was just 3 weeks from her high school graduation when, riding in a car driven by her good friend, was killed in a tragic car accident. Her spirit still lives on in everyone who knew her and those who simply knew of her. Her mottos were to “live to make a difference” and “be yourself and do it on purpose” (Dolly Parton). She certainly was her own unique person and she would be surprised, and we suppose a little proud, to know just how much of difference she made in her short life.

Her foundation…

In the months following her accident her mom and I would often take slow, quiet walks together each evening often consoling one another. It was on one of those walks, when we were discussing what Kayla would want us to do without her here with us that the idea for “The Kayla Foundation” came to us. It was as though the idea had been whispered into our ears by Kayla herself and it just seemed to fit her so perfectly. The idea was simply to combine her love of kids, the community and of music with her unwavering desire to help others in need.

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