During our grant process we ask grant recipients to tell us how the grants are making an impact on their students / clients / institutions. Below are just some of the great responses that we have received over the years. A summary of grants provided and photos of some of the recipients can be found here.


“Thank you so much for your generosity for funding our Choir shirts this year. We really appreciate the consistent support your organization provides for music programs in our region. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of young musicians.”

Laura Beese, Music Specialist Shepardson STEM Elementary


“The Kayla Marie Adsit Memorial Foundation Fund allowed my students to add new instruments from around the world to their collection in our classroom. These instruments were individually selected to reflect the diverse student body at our school. We discussed their origins and uses to give students more insight into the cultures and heritages of some of our students from Nepal, Egypt, West Africa, Libya, Brazil, and the IndoPacific islands. We also use them to make even more amazing music!

By incorporating these instruments into my classroom, my 1st and 2nd generation Americans may have something that they can more easily connect with. Not only will it bring excitement and comfort to those who might feel like a fish out of water, it will also allow other students who are unfamiliar with these students’ backgrounds to become more empathic to their classmates and their varied cultures. Not only will it have social and emotional utility in my classroom, it will also greatly increase their understanding of music in general. These instruments will be tools to learn about timbre, rhythm, and more! They will become both better musicians and more empathetic humans.

Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness!  Our students will love making new music with their new resources very soon……This is such a wonderful grant and I am so appreciative to be a part of this project….. My students’ have a much more enriching music education because of you!

 Thank you as well for your grant opportunity through the Kayla Marie Adsit Memorial Foundation. It is such a beautiful way to honor your daughter’s life by lifting up young musicians like her. Her legacy lives on in Northern Colorado’s youth.

Joshua BrinkTimnath Elementary


“Two violins purchased for the Harris Suzuki Strings Program.  

The Harris Suzuki Strings Program provides top-notch music group classes to children from historically deprived communities. The program offers culturally sensitive training and curriculum for violin, viola, and cello. Its objective is to cultivate an inclusive environment where students can enhance their talents and forge new friendships. Additionally, it promotes the integration of students from various language backgrounds by allowing English language learners to become group leaders.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation for the grant provided. This invaluable support will undoubtedly make a significant difference in advancing our mission and achieving our goals. I’m immensely grateful for the trust and confidence given. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and belief in our work.”

Laura Azuaje, Music Teacher and Suzuki Program DirectorHarris Bilingual School


“I was able to take my top choir to Don Giovanni presented by Opera Colorado in November. This experience was most student’s first opera ever and an unforgettable experience

Every year we gather feedback about what events we attend through surveys and discussions. Students consistently say that seeing the professional opera is one of the most impactful things they did in choir for the entire year. Many of my students would never see an opera in their lives if it wasn’t for this funding opportunity. 

Thank you for another wonderful experience.”

Briana Marie McCormick, Choir TeacherFossil Ridge High School


“The Kayla Foundation’s grant allowed us to purchase choral octavos for all participating members of the Poudre School District Honor Choir. This grant gives us the ability to grant equal access for all PSDHC members regardless of income or need. Ultimately, this funding will help up to 120 middle school students participate for no charge in the Honor Choir.

Thank you for this opportunity.  Now that we’re serving 2 choirs again, this will help us go a long way towards putting music in everyone’s hands.”

 With Gratitude,

Scott Wheeler – Coordinator PSD Honor Choir


“This project helped us fix instruments for students that are in need. It helped FCHS students be set up for success. Students that have working instruments are more likely to feel successful. If a student feels successful, they will want to continue to play music. We measure success when students feel successful and stay in the program. We have a wonderful retention rate, and students often report how thankful they are to have working instruments.

Thanks to this grant, we have more instruments in excellent condition. Students have the tools they need to feel successful, and they have become more successful. Our attrition rate from semester 1 to semester 2 was zero.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support :).”

John Hermanson, Director of OrchesrtrasFort Collins High School 


“The money rewarded by the Kayla Foundation was/is being used to fund a new sound system at Trout Core Knowledge Elementary School. On behalf of all 450 students at Traut, thank you so much for the grant.

These funds will be a wonderful investment into the music education of students for years to come.

Thomas Chen, Music TeacherTraut Core Knowledge


Thank you to the Kayla Grant organization for the continued support of music and musicians in our district, and especially up north at Poudre High School!”

David Lonawski, Choir, Guitar TeacherPoudre High School


We requested funds to purchase recorders for our 3rd grade students and headphones for use by all of our students, to increase access to music opportunities.

It has been amazing to see students using recorders to practice music literacy and performance, and to observe students of all ages practicing with headphones. This allows so much more individualization of tasks and musical exploration. All of our Kayla grants have resulted in joy for our students.

Melissa Flail – Cache La Poudre Elementary


Pathways requested funds to repair our keyboard, which had been donated. We also requested funds to purchase an electric guitar and portable amplifier.

The Kayla Foundation has been instrumental in helping Pathways obtain important instruments for our music therapy program. This has had a positive impact on our community that goes beyond words. We are so very grateful.

Beth Mosko – Pathways


We are so grateful to have received the Kayla Foundation Award to help support our families in Ft. Collins Music Together classes with curriculum materials that made our program even more impactful. Thank you for all you do to support music education in the front range!

Nicole Thomas – Integral Steps Team


…we are so thankful for the Kayla Foundation and what it promotes. The Kayla Foundation has helped many organizations and schools in our community, and it is a beautiful tribute. Music is sometimes overlooked, but when you have a student or child that excels or enjoys music, you understand how important it really is to a person’s well-being and completeness. Furthermore, there are SO many benefits of music therapy that impact clients in so many areas of their lives. Thank you for all you do for our community and your support! I appreciate that the grant can be used in so many flexible ways to benefit the organization in the ways they are experiencing needs at that particular time.

Nicole Wilshusen – Foundations Music School


Tickets for this event allowed students that have never seen an Opera before to see a professional production. This enriched their lives and the memory of Kayla lives on through the gift of musical experiences for my students.

The Kayla Grant allows Fossil Ridge High School students to have opportunities in the arts that they wouldn’t otherwise have.  

Thanks so much….. Kayla’s legacy lives on through providing these enriching experiences for my kids. 

Bri McCormick – Fossil Ridge High School


Kayla Foundation members:

I write this letter to thank you for your generous donation to our Fossil Ridge High School Choir program.  With your support, our students will have the opportunity to attend the opera Colorado student dress rehearsal at no cost.  This experience is one that not all students can afford and thanks to the foundation, cost is not a barrier.  I appreciate the support that the Kayla Foundation gives to our school and community.  If I can ever provide any support to your foundation, please do not hesitate to ask.


Julie Chaplain, PhD


I requested funding to help with instrument repair cost.

We were able to repair multiple instruments which benefitted 5 kids, and our ensembles as a whole.  The instruments repaired were vital to the success of our ensembles.  Also, these repairs would not have been possible for the families of the students that play these instruments to afford.  

Thank you so, so much!!  I am very grateful for your support!!

Charlotte Boyce – Lesher Middle School


I requested funds to pay for our Lincoln Music Shirts that all music students wear at Lincoln.

The grant helped to ensure that all students, regardless of income, are able to be a part of our group and community. Since having our new uniforms, we look professional and no longer like the “poor” students.

Thank you so much for awarding us the grant for our shirts! We are so thankful for the Kayla foundation 😊

Dana Kettlewell – Lincoln Middle School


Request for new mic stands that will work for K-12 students.  Awesome thank you!  I told the high school students today, they were so excited!

Last year, the Kayla Foundation gave funds for a portable sound system and we’ve made great use of it!

Jasmine Faulkner – Polaris ELS


The Kayla Foundation continues to bring music and joy to students in PSD through the generosity of the Adsits and Kayla’s spirit! 

We here at CLP (Cache La Poudre) are so grateful for your continued support of our students’ music opportunities.  Thank you for the Fall 2022 Grant and all you do to help and support us!

Melissa Flail – Cache La Poudre Elementary


Thank you so much for supporting music in our public schools! I really appreciate you funding the xylophone for my students, especially for the students in my center-based autism program who will benefit from this lightweight portable version.

With gratitude,

Laura Beese – Shepardson Elementary


Funds to purchase diverse music picture books.

The funds were used on West Music’s website to purchase 20 picture books with various diverse composers, authors, musicians and stories in them.

My schools’ community is very diverse.  Many of my students are minorities, low socio-economic status, and/or English language learners.  

My goal from this grant was to be able to show and teach them about more diverse musical stories, composers and musicians so that they could see themselves in our lessons and learn about our diverse world.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your foundation and look forward to purchasing the books!

Because of the Kayla Foundation I am able to put twenty new diverse musical picture books in the hands of my students. This means the world to us! 

Thank you SO much for all you do for us!

Samantha Dohn – Putnam Elementary


We asked for repair money for instruments that go to low income students. We repaired 6 instruments for low income students. This is allowing them to be more successful in music!

The Kayla Foundation is a vital part of music education in Poudre School District. We are forever grateful to the family and to Kayla’s memory for their continuing support. 

John Hermanson – Fort Collins High School