Here is some of the feedback we received from our grants given out this past May.

The outcomes of this grant not only provided an instrument which will benefit the learning of many students, but it also helped create a safe learning environment for all students.

Charlotte Harsha – Blevins Middle School


Because of this grant, several students will get to take part in band with a high quality instrument. Without this, students might have to play a different instrument in varying states of disrepair, or not participate at all. Without the Kayla Foundation, there would likely be several students who never get to experience all of the wonderful things that band has to offer.

Bill Cleary – Wellington Middle School


Thank you so much!   Students at Boltz MS are loving their newly fixed instruments!     “The Kayla Foundation is making a difference at my school, it is helping me provide equipment for my students that otherwise would not be available!”

Melissa Claeys – Boltz Middle School


The Kayla Foundation reliably supports so many unique and important projects in our district, the magical things that we wish and know we could do if we only had financial support – I am so grateful for the opportunities that Kayla’s memory has provided for my students.

Mary Claxton – Polaris Elementary Lab School


This is the second year I will introduce ukulele lessons to my 2nd and 3rd grade students and more students will have the opportunity to learn how to play them.  I plan to also use the ukes as part of my Little Kids Rock program with Grades 4 and 5 as an option for students who find the guitar too difficulty or for students who have accommodations that limit their ability to use a traditional guitar.

Cynthia Kattner – Irish Elementary


Thank you to The Kayla Foundation, all students at Olander had multiple opportunities when it comes to music!

Lori Nonies- Olander Elementary


Thanks Kayla Foundation, for providing music for each and everyone of our Pride choir students! We love to sing and you gave us the tools to do it!

Nancy Conover – Linton Elementary