I am ever grateful to the Kayla Foundation for all of your support.  You make dreams come true for students and have such a positive impact on Music Education.  Thank you so much!

Melissa Claeys

Boltz Middle School


Thanks so much for the choir T-shirts! What a wonderful thing to have matching T-shirts for our performances. It makes the students feel proud to be part of our group, and I know it would have been a hardship for them to purchase their shirt on their own. Thanks Kayla Foundation!

Nancy Conover

Linton Elementary



This grant made it possible to provide professional music instruction for four hours to 120 students in the Rocky Band program. Additionally, we have several students with financial need and this grant helped to off-set the cost of this kind of activity for those students.  The Kayla Foundation supports quality music education in so many ways.  They have made it possible for students to receive professional instruction from musicians outside the public school system when that may not otherwise be a possibility for some students.

Kenyon Scheurman

Rocky Mountain High School


The Kayla Foundation made it possible for students at Timnath elementary to record their musical creations in a quality way and have their recordings shared with others.  It has opened up an opportunity for shy, and talented students to share as well.

Jennifer Kessler

Timnath Elementary


The Kayla foundation has supported Dunn Elementary is purchasing music for the Dunn Dolphin singers.  The group doubled in size this year which is amazing and I was so thankful for the Kayla foundation to have support in getting enough music for us!  We would not have been so lucky with this amazing organization!  I’m so happy that we can honor Kayla with our singing and love of music!  Thank you Kayla Foundation!  You are amazing!

The outcomes of this grant were huge!  The students had music to actually take home to practice.  I heard them singing  in the halls and at recess.  Some of them even had play dates where they all brought their music and practiced outside of school.  Without the funding of our music, the students would not have their “own” piece of music to look at and practice.  The grant furthered the goals by giving more kids opportunity to participate fully in music and choirs.  I’m so very happy to have received a grant.  This was my first time applying and I was pleased with how quick and easy it was to apply.

Jill Connell

Dunn Elementary


Eric and Lisa Adsit are a true asset to the PSD Music Education community.  Their grants and support allow many children to experience music with opportunities they might not otherwise have accessed.  Thank you for bringing music–and the legacy of Kayla–to so many!

Melissa Flail

Cache La Poudre Elementary




My grant request was to purchase materials for our 5th grade musical, MTI (Music Theater International)  Fiddler On The Roof Junior… The students are very excited and look forward to working on the show.  The fact that EVERY 5th grade student will be in the musical and have a special part (singing, speaking or instrument) furthers the goal of bringing the arts to all students.

Kay Williams

Werner Elementary


This grant helped put instruments into the hands of students who would not otherwise be able to participate at the level that they are capable of. Organizations like the Kayla foundation are crucial to communities and schools like ours that have significant needs.

Bill Cleary

Wellington Middle School


At our school we have many families who care deeply about their kids’ education, but are struggling to meet financial challenges. Having their child able to participate in music class using their own recorder is very much appreciated. Thank you, Kayla Foundation!

Caren Everett

Harris Bilingual