I really appreciate your time and willingness to help support music here at Olander.

The families that needed financial assistance were thankful for the help that I was able to provide thanks to the Kayla Foundation. It gives every student an opportunity to own an instrument (recorder) and/or wear their schools  shirt with pride. The Ukulele ensemble was also excited to finally have better quality strings that stay in-tune over time. Thank You!

 Thank You,

LoriAnne Nonies

Olander Elementary


……… I am SO grateful for your funding – thank you so very much!!!  This is going to help so many of our students and I would literally not be able to do this if it wasn’t for your help.

The outcome of this grant was that every student in the music department at Blevins was able to wear the appropriate concert uniform.  We were able to help all of our students with strong financial need, which is about half of our program, acquire the right items so they could be appropriately dressed like everyone else.  Every student is now able to participate on our concerts, and when our ensembles perform at other events outside of our district, they represent well with their performance attire.  

Thank you so much for the support!  We would not have been able to do this without your foundation’s generous grant!!

 Charlotte Harsha

Blevins Middle School



 Thank You! Appreciate all you do for music in PSD.

This grant helped us to provide correct concert dress for performances so all students could participate. The Kayla Foundation is always there to help Music Programs in PSD! We appreciate their ongoing support. An organization helping students and music programs district wide.

Anthony Gezzi

Cache la Poudre

Middle School


Thank you so very much!

The students will be incredibly pleased and we are forever grateful. What a wonderful legacy that Kayla continues to leave.

Gratefully yours,

Andrea Hollenbeck

Preston Middle School


Thank you for your consideration and amazing award allocation……..

All of the students benefited from the purchase of new mallets. All fourth and fifth grade students benefited from the choral music as we use it to introduce score reading both in choir and the general music classroom. The choral music enhanced our music program by adding repertoire for the CSU Celebration in Song (11-18-16), Sunshine Singers Winter Program (12-12-16), and the annual elementary honor choir performance (3- 7-17).

The Kayla Foundation provides consistent funds for music students K-12. These funds enrich Poudre School District’s amazing music program

Susie McCollum, Beattie Elementary


It is so amazing for Lincoln’s music department to benefit from the recently awarded Kayla Foundation grant!  There is no question how valuable these funds are to the improvement of our program, and please know how much it is appreciated.  Knowing of Kayla’s love and talent for music makes me especially proud to be a recipient of an award in her name.

We have used funds to supply our students with music books and necessary supplies. A significant number of our students at Lincoln have been able to continue with the music program due to this grant funding.

With sincere thanks,

Gino Panepinto

Lincoln IB Middle School


Thank you so much!  I am very appreciative of your help and support! ………..

…. .we purchased 85 recorders, 17 choir shirts, and 23 Little Kids Rock shirts. 

The Kayla Foundation is an amazing resource in our community.  Because of Kayla, many students are receving music opportunities without cost, and this is priceless! 

 Melissa Flail

Cache La Poudre Elementary


Many thanks to you and the foundation for supporting the music program here at Werner.  We are very grateful. I so appreciate your heart for supporting students who might struggle to obtain costumes or other items for their performance.

When it comes time to costume students for our March and May programs, there will be students we can help directly with costuming and thus prevent stress for parents who may be struggling. All students will always be included in grade level programs at Werner and having funds to help lower income families ensures that no one appears to have an inferior costume.

All the best,

Kay Williams

Werner Elementary


I am overjoyed to receive this message!  Thank you so much for your generous funding.  I will keep you updated with what we are doing over here at Laurel and will be sure to fill out the grant feedback request.

Thank you a million times!

Here is a link to one of our concerts last year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS8QdBmjS6Q


Lydia Demi-smith

Laurel Elementary


We used the funds to purchase new vests for the male students in choir to wear when they perform. We are committed to providing concert outfits at no charge to the students, rather than have them buy pricey clothes every year. Our students were able to have matching performances vests that are new, rather than our old ones which are more that 25 years old and no longer look professional. Rather than having to charge the students, this grant provided the opportunity for all the boys in my class to wear a new vest for the year at no cost to them. We are extremely grateful to have received these funds!

Bethany Isackson

Webber Middle School

Grant funds were put towards purchasing updated parts/equipment for our large percussion and to pay for a professional to install and make adjustments. Repairing this aging equipment allowed children from all circumstances to have access to quality instruments. For years these drums sat largely un-played due to their condition, and now students beg to play our “new” set timpani. Without the Kayla Foundation, projects like this would likely never get completed.

Bill Cleary

Wellington Middle School  

We used the funds to pay for our scripts, and were able to make the scripts almost free for all participants and free for those who could not afford them. This grant has made such a difference for our kids. It made sure that all students were able to participate in our music theater program, regardless of socioeconomic status. “The Kayla Foundation” made our musical at Boltz possible this year. Without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to involve all students. 

Virginia Scott

Boltz Middle School