The grant provided us with the opportunity to enhance our music program by generously funding the entire musical production of East of the Sun and West of the Moon. Fifth grade students involved with the show were then able to produce three live, authentic, theatrical productions for our school and the community.

Rice Elementary

Laura Davis


Elementary Spring Musical, Peter Pan.  Funding to support costumes and props.

This is the first musical theater production at Polaris and the little ones will perform it for 6-12th grades.  The elementary students benefited from learning how to bring a story to life, work as a team, gain self-confidence and focus.  I expect by the end, we will see more confident and proud children. One child, Captain Hook, said it has helped him focus and gain more friends.  The secondary students are going to watch this and be inspired to perform a musical themselves next year!  Twenty secondary students also led improv games, organized costumes, designed stage makeup, and create the back drop.


Jasmine Faulkner


The Kayla Foundation grant made it possible for PSD Middle School Honor Choir to purchase new repertoire for our May 4, 2017 concert.  We appreciate and honor at our concert the support of the Kayla Foundation.

Without support for music purchases we would be unable to supply our honor choir library with new music which would limit the repertoire options of our guest directors as they select music for the honor groups.  With Kayla Foundation support our students and directors learn and experience a greater variety of repertoire.

The support of the Kayla Foundation makes it possible for our honor choir singers to experience a wide variety of repertoire.  We thank the foundation for their support of choral music for the PSD Middle School Honor Choirs.  Thank you.

Poudre School District Middle School Honor Choir
Jean Johnson

The Kayla Foundation is a wonderful resource in continuing to provide meaningful music education experiences to our students.  Thank you!
Cache La Poudre Elementary
Melissa Flail

Students are able to participate in our extra curricular groups and have a uniform that matches the rest of the ensemble. They also wear them with pride to school and out into the community to promote our school and music in PSD.
This grant allows my students to obtain uniforms for our extra curricular music groups. Not only do they look great while performing, but they can wear them with pride for music in our school and music in Poudre School District.

Riffenburgh Elementary
Allison Tjossem


… All of my students were very excited after spending sectional/private lesson time with the pros.  They felt more confident on their honor band audition music and their concert music.  They also received instrument specific pedagogy help.  For example, my bassoonist received handmade reeds, clarinetists were able to learn alternate fingerings for their instrument, trombonists learned when/how to use short second, etc.

Blevins Middle School

Charlotte Harsha


Just today I received my last reimbursement for a grant you awarded me recently. I supervise the guitar club here at Rocky Mt HS and I wanted to remind you all there just how much good your help has been for us. This is the second time over the past five years you have been gracious enough to help us, and all of the kids and I say thank you.

We have many instruments, and as you know teens can be hard on them. We are in constant need of parts and repairs and the costs can add up for me. Your grants have really kept us afloat, the instruments going, and the kids coming. The kids the club attracts are often (but not always) kids who otherwise don’t have a direct connection to school activities. It is a positive thing in their lives as they learn a play music and often meet others like them. Your hard work and generosity has helped that to survive. Thank you!


Rocky Mountain High School

Mark Reedy, Counselor


We needed help with registration for a contest for our acapella group, Tenth Bass. With the help of this grant, we were able to lower the cost for all involved and assist individual students.

We were able to attend the event and the grant allowed several low income students to attend.

Thank you to all involved in the Kayla Grant! Love, Fossil Ridge Choir


Briana McCormick

Fossil Ridge High School


This year we have been nominated for Best Costumes by the Bobby G Awards Foundation. This is the high school equivalent of the Tony Awards. The ceremony takes place tomorrow, May 25th at the Denver Center of Performing Arts. To be one of 5 schools nominated in Colorado is an incredible honor. The Kayla Foundation has helped us achieve this award!

Deana Kochis

Fossil Ridge Theater


Thank you to the Kayla Foundation for providing funds enabling all students to  feel great about their costumes for our musicals.

Kay Williams

Werner Elementary