Thank you for your time and what you do for the students in PSD.

Thank you for the grant money! It will help students who are in need of financial assistance and takes away burdens.

With the help of the Kayla Foundation, any student that wanted to join choir this year, was able to because of the financial assistance we were able to give out. And all 3rd grade students all have a recorder to take home and practice, this may be the only “real” instrument they will own.

With great appreciation,

Thank You,

Lori Nonies

Olander Elementary



Thank you so much Adsit family!  The PSD community is lucky to have your support.

Thank you so much for your generosity.  I am so excited that I will get to continue to outfit my group in uniforms this year!

All of my students in my early morning, advanced orchestra program have a uniform to wear and they look great!  The Kayla Foundation has helped to further the growth of the Boltz MS Chamber Orchestra and also helped my students to have a professional look which also furthers the program and it’s reputation among the Boltz community.

Without the Kayla Foundation’s ongoing support of music in PSD, there are somethings that just would not happen.  This foundation is pivotal to helping us provide every opportunity to our kids in music!

Melissa Claeys

Boltz Middle School


We requested funds to purchase a new cello, case, and bow to accommodate our growing orchestra program.  We were able to purchase a beautiful new instrument within a few days of receiving funding which was delivered shortly thereafter.

The Kayla Foundation provided the means for several students to access music at equal level to their peers. Before, many students were sharing the same instruments which were in varying states of disrepair. Now, each student has access to an instrument that fits them and is in great working order which has dramatically improved morale and the rate in which we can learn and rehearse music.


Bill Cleary

Wellington Middle School


We attended La Boheme and had a wonderful experience. All funds were used towards the purpose requested.

We were able to attend a dress rehearsal performance of La Boheme at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver. This experience was wonderful and brought the arts to life to so many students at Fossil.

The Kayla Grant allowed us to bring the FRHS Chamber Choir to the dress rehearsal of La Boheme at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver. This absolutely changed 24 students’ views of what Opera is like, and brought art to life in their lives. We so appreciate the impact the Kayla Foundation has provided Choral singers at FRHS. Thank you!!

Bri McCormick

Fossil Ridge High School


We purchased 80 recorders and 36 choir shirts. The 4th and 5th graders have begun playing the recorders this year, and the students who are new to our school were relieved that they did not need to purchase a recorder, and that I already had one for them.  The 3rd graders will begin recorders in the next unit, as they just completed their yearly singing performance.  The students are enthusiastic about playing the recorder and reading music, which further’s the goals of the Kayla Foundation, because it makes them more likely to continue in music as they move on in school.  The shirts helped students in the choir to have the uniform even if they could not afford it; some were able to pay, so the extra shirts will be loaned to future students who cannot pay or who forget their shirt for a performance.  This way, all students feel equally able to participate in choir.

The generosity of the Kayla Foundation is a tribute to the spirit of Kayla Adsit and a huge asset to music in Poudre School District.  Numerous students who might not otherwise afford the costs associated with music opportunities can now access those opportunities without worry!

Melissa Flail

Cache La Poudre Elementary


We purchased two bass stands from Musicians Friend. Each stand cost $180 with no tax or shipping cost added.

My students are able to use the xylophones more frequently now. Before we had to set them out and it took a lot of time. Now, students can help me roll the bass xylophones out very quickly and we can spend more of our time together playing music!

Thank you so much!  This grant had a huge impact on my students!  At Putnam we have a large community of low income students. My goal is to be able to provide them a quality music education, regardless of their background and home life.  Being able to purchase equipment to make our set-up and clean-up more efficient has helped us have more time to make music together!  I can’t begin to tell you have much I appreciate the help and support from the Kayla Foundation!

Samantha Crandall

Putnam Elementary


Funds for maintenance of equipment and purchase replacement items/parts.

Our club offers a place for kids to learn and play music, have a place to go after school, and to collaborate with each other in making music. It is often a place for those kids who are not otherwise involved in school activities or do not have a place to go after school.

This grant has allowed us to continue to keep the club running at a high level.

Mark Reedy

Rocky Mountain High School – Lobo Kids Rock/Music Club


We requested funding for our upcoming 6th-12th grade musical, Mulan.  Funding will help purchase costumes for the production.  This is 6th-12th grades first theatrical production!

The Kayla Foundation is supporting the expansion of the Polaris music program to include theatrical productions.  This brings more appeal for students to participate in music and provides a free opportunity for students to participate in a musical.

We can’t thank you enough for bringing so much joy to our school!

Jasmine Faulkner

Polaris ELS


I am extremely grateful for a fall 2017 grant that has been awarded to Lincoln Middle School.  Thank you so much!  This is so amazingly helpful to our program.

Gino Panepinto

Lincoln Middle School