We requested funds to sponsor a scholarship for a singer grade 3-7 whose financial need prohibits participation in the 2019/2020 season in Centennial Children’s Chorus.  This award ties directly to the mission of the Kayla Foundation in that it will provide a rich musical opportunity to a child who cannot afford tuition/ dues to belong to Centennial Children’s Chorus.

Thank you so much! We are so excited to be able to support a singer with these funds! What an amazing way to honor Kayla. We appreciate this so much!

….Thank you so much for this generous gift!

Emily Land

Centennial Children’s Chorus


As a non-profit in Larimer County focused on the needs of children, and training young adults for careers with children, the ECC requested the support of the Kayla Foundation to expand our collection of percussion instruments.  These instruments are “instrumental” (pun intended) to the collaborations we currently have with the Departments of Occupational Therapy and Music, Theatre, & Dance.  The additional percussion instruments provide a musical avenue that is enjoyed by children of all ages and are  used in a variety of settings at the ECC. Teachers, Occupational Therapy interns, Music Therapy practicum students, infants, toddlers, and preschoolers all benefit from the expanded collection.

The additional percussion instruments provided so generously to the ECC by the Kayla Foundation serve as a musical foundation that supports the development of children of all ages. We are so grateful!

Thank you for your support of children at the ECC. Kayla’s heart truly lives on in your generosity.


Karen Rattenborg

Colorado State University

Early Childhood Center


The requested funds will be used to provide music therapy services for children and young adults
with life limiting illnesses, as well as those children receiving care through our hospice, palliative care, and grief and loss programs.

The requested funds would be used to purchase recording equipment which would be utilized by children and young adults receiving music therapy through Pathways. Specifically, we wanted to order a digital stethoscope in order to better record our clients’ heartbeats. Used in musical recordings, the finished products are legacy projects and/or ways for children to remember their loved ones.

We have only just started using it, so the numbers above have not yet been met. However, we expect that hundreds of children and other clients at Pathways will soon benefit from the use of this stethoscope. This stethoscope (which is very easy to record) not only helps in the creation of unique and meaningful legacy projects, but allows clients’ heartbeats to be utilized as musical instruments. This musical opportunity can then be expanded on in other creative ways…. songwriting, musical improvisation, etc, all recorded with the heartbeat.

The Kayla Foundation has provided INVALUABLE support for children who are receiving end-of-life and grief and loss care in our community. THANK YOU!!”
Thank you so much! We are very grateful for your continued support and excited to purchase and begin using the stethoscope for heartbeat recordings.


Beth Mosko



I asked for funding to help pay for guest teachers to come in and work with our incoming 6th grade students at instrument try-out night.

This grant did two things for us, as they relate to the mission of The Kayla Foundation.  First of all, every single student that attended instrument got to work with a professional musician on EVERY instrument.  These professionals provided critical feedback to students that helped them select an instrument to play in the coming years on which they will be successful.  Because we had professionals in every room, each student had the same opportunity for success.  Secondly, this enhanced the band program at Blevins Middle School.  By helping student choose an instrument to play next year on which they will be successful enhances our program because classes run smoothly, students stay engaged and more students are likely to continue with music through middle school and high school.

We are very grateful for your continuing support!!

Thank you so much!!

Charlotte Harsha

Blevins Middle School


Yay! That is so wonderful, thank you very much! You are so kind and I appreciate the Kayla Foundation very much. It will be so nice to have Kayla’s spirit in the class every day.

I was able to purchase the steel drums, hula hoops and music.  This grant allowed students to experience music with new instruments and learning experiences that they would not have been able to have if it wasn’t for this grant.  Kayla’s spirit will forever be alive in my music room.

Thank you again,

Cody Krueger

Werner Elementary


This week, well over a hundred students in our bands, orchestras, and choirs were able to attend festivals and receive critiques from accredited professional musicians at CHSAA and CBA events.  These are the experiences that encourage students to continue to study music and devote themselves to becoming better at creating art – which is such a beautiful thing in an often ugly world.  With this foundation, we were able to do so without any charge to students.  Wow.

Thank you,

David Lonowski

Poudre High School


We purchased a Bose Bluetooth speaker, and since we had money left over were able to also purchase a cart to transport it and for it to sit on.  In the short amount of time that I have had the speaker and cart I have already been able to reach more of my students, more often. Before setting up music other places in my room was a headache and took a lot of time. Now we are able to be musical anywhere we go in the school

Thank you Kayla Foundation!  Because of you my students are able to be musical beings anywhere in our school!  We are enjoying dance parties, music class outside, assemblies in the gym, and much more! Thank you so much for enriching our lives and making each day a little better!

Thank you so much!  I appreciate the support!

Samantha Crandall

Putnam Elementary


I requested funding to purchase 50 copies each of two sheet music pieces for choir and to purchase a cart for moving equipment.

Our choir has been using the sheet music and really enjoying singing the new songs, Peanut Butter and Song for the Earth.  The cart has just arrived and will be used to move equipment around to allow all students more opportunities to practice and perform on drums and other instruments

Students in choir have had their motivation rekindled with the addition of new music this late in the year! Thank you!  Our modern band club, in particular, will be grateful for the cart, as it will also us to bring extra drums and other equipment to our upcoming performances, while still being able to use those items in class.

The Kayla Foundation provides much needed funding to get students involved in music, and keep them inspired when they are there!

Melissa Flail

Cache La Poudre Elementary