Funding was requested to help supplement the cost of new Chamber Orchestra Uniforms.  My Chamber Orchestra will have a new polished look that enables each student look and feel professional on stage. For many students, this would not have been possible without the help of the Kayla Foundation.

Thank you SOOOO MUCH! This money is a huge help and is greatly appreciated.

The Kayla Foundation is a critical part of our school district–the support this foundation provides to our music programs is unprecedented.

Melissa Claeys

Boltz Middle School


I requested scholarships to purchase sheet music and choir shirts for 10 students. They were able to have a uniform and sheet music like all other paying students.

I am so grateful to receive this Kayla grant! I have many students who were able to join choir because of your generosity, so thank you!

Molly Kelly

Laurel Elementary School of Arts & Technology


My original funding request was to purchase twenty-five performance shirts to help students who are unable to afford to perform with the ensemble. Without a performance outfit as an ensemble, students with financial needs would be unable to perform. With the great help of The Kayla Foundation, all students are able to participate and perform.

The Kayla Foundation always goes out of their way to help students. Their ongoing support is appreciated in making sure all students can participate.

Anthony Gezzi

Cache La Poudre Middle School


I asked for funding to pay for professional musicians to work with students at our Band Fest and also funding to purchase a new clarinet and a new trumpet case.

The other students that benefited as a result from this grant were the students in the 8th grade symphonic band. They each got to have a sectional (or in some cases – a private lesson) with a professional on their instrument. They got individual guidance and help with instrument-specific pedagogy. They also got to hear the professionals play in a large group setting on their concert music, and perform alongside the professionals.

Charlotte Harsha

Blevins Middle School


I requested funding to purchase recorders for our current third graders, as well as any fourth and fifth graders new to our school this year. I also requested funding to purchase 12 choir T-shirts for students who may not otherwise be able to afford them.

The students who received choir T-shirts are extremely grateful and excited, and often wear them to practice, though the shirts are only required at performances! Additionally, the classes have started playing recorder, and they students are all very excited for this opportunity.

CLPE is always grateful to The Kayla Foundation for supporting our students in exploring music through various opportunities!

Melissa Flail

Cache La Poudre Elementary


Our Linton Pride Choir asked for funds to pay for the admission to the Fort Collins Children’s Theater production of THE LITTLE MERMAID at the Lincoln Center. Our Kayla grant paid for our admission tickets.

Linton Pride choir students thoroughly enjoyed the Fort Collins Children’s Theater production of The Little Mermaid. There were about 1000 students in attendance and it was great to see how lights, costumes, sets, mics, props, actors, dancers and singers performed their dress rehearsal matinee.

Nancy Conover

Linton Elementary


Thank you Eric and Lisa. You guys are a big reason we are able to keep going and I have more kids than ever this year.

This grant is our main benefactor and does the most to keep us humming along. Our equipment gets a lot of use, and maintenance is a constant. This grant allows me to be able to repair and replace in a timely manner so that the maximum number of kids can participate.

We would have trouble continuing without the help of the Kayla Foundation.

Mark Reedy

Rocky Mountain High School


Thank you so much for this grant! We appreciate all that your family does to support music in our schools. Bauder was able to replace 2 old deteriorating guitars with two new 3/4 student guitars. We were also able to replace 3 old cases that were falling apart with 3 new gig bags.

Thanks to the Kayla Foundation, more of our students in financial need now have instruments and instrument bags like their peers. Having a good quality instrument inspires children to play more and allows them to experience the joy of beautiful music.

Bauder Elementary

Deanna Franklin


I wanted to request funds to bring professional string players in to the classroom and work with my students on specific skills that I can’t always address in my regular classroom because of time, so I requested funds to help me do this.

I hired three different professionals that came into my classroom at different times, serving as clinicians to my students and working with them with the emphasis on teaching them different skills that will improve their tone, and advance their skills on their instrument.

I am pleased and honored to accept this grant from the Kayla Foundation. This is the first time that I have ever applied and have always been wanting to have access to funds that would allow me to invite some professionals into my classroom to work individually with my students, as well as to perform for them. I thank you so much for this opportunity! My students are such hard-working young musicians and I really see this opportunity as a way to further their musical knowledge and ability on their instruments this year.

Thank you so much for this opportunity.

The Kayla Foundation is a fabulous vehicle for teachers and students alike to benefit from funds that will improve their music education by enhancing the opportunities that we are able to provide.

Kristin Rangel

Preston Middle School


The Kayla Grant has allowed Fossil Ridge Choir Chamber Choir students to attend the student dress rehearsal of an Opera Colorado production for years. This gives students that normally wouldn’t have opportunities like this the means to be exposed to this art form. We had a fantastic time at the Opera Colorado performance.

Thank you, Adsit Family! – Fabulous!! Thank you so much for your support in this endeavor…the Kayla Grant is making a huge difference in the lives of PSD music students.

Bri McCormick

Fossil Ridge High School


The requested funds were primarily for purchasing instruments. Because of your support, many children who are seriously ill or who are grieving the loss of a loved one have new resources to express themselves. This support is invaluable— We can’t thank the Kayla Foundation enough!!

Thank you so much for supporting our Music Therapy program. We are able to offer this gift to patients and families entirely because of the generosity of funders like The Kayla Foundation.

Pathways Hospice

Beth Mosko


This money will be used to support and spark the interests of students who would like to learn more about music composition. While the program has not yet begun, I have received many inquiries from parents informing me of their child’s interest in this program.

I am so grateful for this and can assure you that the software purchased with the money from this grant will be put to great use and enjoyed by Kruse students this year and many years to come! Thank you again!

Darren Wagner

Kruse Elementary


I spoke with a few DJ’s about ways to create my own DJ station that is kids height. Our hip hop club  and school are going to be the hippest as we create our own scratches!

You’ve brightened my entire day!

Thank you, Adsit’s and the Kayla Foundation!

Tara Sparks

Tavelli Elementary


Thank you for your generous funding toward substitute teachers for the PSD Middle School Choral Festival. Your gift will help insure that middle schools can bring their choirs to the festival for a day of excellent choral music and learning experiences.

I understand that this is uncharted territory because you have not been asked to fund a request for substitute teachers. I appreciate your willingness to consider, and ultimately fund, this request.

Brian Floyd

PSD Middle School Choral Festival


Thank you so much, Eric and Lisa! Now I can officially start planning music for the Winter Program, woo!

Thank you again!

Katie Brose

Lopez Elementary


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